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North Orbit 2021 (Demo)




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North Orbit 2021 (Demo)



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Big air and performance freeride from North

Has been used for demo.

The kite everyone is talking about. The kite that won everything that could be won at Red Bull King Of The Air 2020. Danish Nick Jacobsen's signature kite. The North Orbit is a kite whose performance already speaks for itself. Despite the modest age of the kite and the brand, this model has almost surpassed everything we have previously seen from a kite. Not only that the professional kite surfers can get something almost unreal out of this kite, it is also aimed at everyone. We have already tested the kit in our school setup and here it plays even for the student. Without promising too much, here you have a kite that delivers for all levels.

What we like about North Orbit:

✔️ Lots of hang time.

✔️ The North Orbit has a huge top end and can be controlled in high winds without the kite feeling overpowered.

✔️ North Orbit has a light bar pressure and is a very intuitive kite.

What you should be aware of at North Orbit:

✖️If you are a beginner, you will appreciate more the North Reach, which is more "forgiving". Or if you also have a surfboard or a foil you will also prefer North Reach.

Also read the review from Kiteworldmag & Thekiteboarder:

North describes the kit as follows:



Halfway between worlds


"This is the kite I want, the kite I need, to really give it 100%." - Jesse Richman

King of the Big Air Kites

Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your kite. Our iconic premier 5-strut kite, delivers incredible top-end control and allows you to hold down more power than any other kite per square meter. Big jumps. Big hang time. Big wind range. This kite was designed to rocket you upwind fast, with effortless steering, extreme boosting and hangtime guaranteed to take your breath away. Tested by nature, proven on the podium. The Orbit has your back when the rules of gravity don't apply. For 2021 we've modified the bridle for a more playful feel, and further improved the stability, while maintaining the kite's high-end performance and kiteloop recovery. We've also strategically replaced the heavy dacron with lighter weight reinforcement material, so the kite feels even lighter and more responsive.

Phenomenal loft and hangtime

The Orbit has a wide flattened 2-stage arc supported by a reinforced exo-skeleton frame, ensuring glide that is guaranteed to take your breath away. The Orbit makes the most use of its projected area, so it has the best hangtime and power delivery for its size.

Predictable in the unpredictable

A high-performance Big Air kite that is stable and consistent in a wide range of conditions, especially in the high end. The Orbit's ability to fly forward and catch you in kiteloops allows you to ride the kite overpowered without it getting away from you.

Red Bull King of the Air Champion

Tested by nature and proven on the podium. The Orbit was Jesse Richman's 2020 Red Bull King of the Air winning kite.

Anti-gravity boosts and megaloops

Send it to extreme heights. With its dependable catch and kiteloop recovery, the Orbit always has your back.

North Orbit 2021 (Demo)

North Orbit 2021 (Demo)